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Annapurna Circuit Part 2 (Braga/Manang - Tilicho Lake - Thorung Phedi)

~~~~~ Day 7 ~~~~~

Trekking Day 05

Travel Expenses
*** Total: 1,200 NPR ***
Food and Others: 1100 NPR
Accomodation @ Tilicho Peak Hotel: 100 NPR

Braga/Manang - Tilicho Peak Hotel

Trekking Information
Trekking Time Today: 3 3/4 Hours
~ Braga (3450m) - Manang (3540m): 30 Minutes
~ Manang (3540m) - Khangsar (3730m): 120 Minutes
~ Khangsar (3730m) - Tilicho Peak Hotel (4000m): 70 Minutes

Annapurna III and Gangapurna rising behind Braga village
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500 years old Braga Gompa

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Three-storeyed high Chorten temple

Flat rooftops of typical Tibetan houses

Main temple itself made from red bricks
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A small stupa stands

Tibetan Prayer Wheels

Farmers back from their farms
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Neat stone carvings

Information about side trek to Tilicho Lake
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Heading out towards Manang

Walking along the wide Manang valley

Stone gateway at entrance of Manang

Various side treks that can be taken from Manang
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Sign that points to Tilicho Lake trek via Khangsar Village

Gangapurna Glacier and Lake
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First sighting of Grande Barriere and Tilicho Peak (7134m) on the right

Khangsar Khola Valley that will lead up to Tilicho Lake
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Great view of Annapurna III and Gangapurna enroute to Khangsar
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Small teashop after a steep ascent, waiting to earn tourist's money

Looking back towards Manang

Approaching Khangsar Village

My first coke break! Haha...sinful...

Looking towards Grande Barriere great ice barrier

Chatting with a Nepali local of Tibetan origin

Information about high and low route to Tilicho Lake
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Nice wood-carved signboard pointing towards Tilicho Lake

Awesome Grande Barriere
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Spliting paths towards Tilicho Lake and Yak Kharka

Cabbage farm at Tilicho Peak Hotel where I stayed for the night

Great view of various small mountain peaks

Sunset over Khangsar Kang (7485m) aka Roc Noir

Ngadi Chuli (7871m) and Himal Chuli (7893m) on the left

Spinning in the mountains

Tare Kang (7069m)

Clouds moving in fast in the strong wind

Sunset glow over Ngadi Chuli and Himal Chuli

~~~~~ Day 8 ~~~~~

Trekking Day 06

Tilicho Peak Hotel - Tilicho Lake - Tilicho Base Camp

Trekking Information
Trekking Time Today: 6 Hours
~ Tilicho Peak Hotel (4000m) - Tilicho BC (4298m): 130 Minutes
~ Tilicho Base Camp (4298m) - Tilicho Lake (4949m): 150 Minutes
~ Tilicho Lake (4949m) - Tilicho Base Camp (4298m): 75 Minutes

Tilicho Lake Information
Tilicho Lake on Wikipedia
Tilicho Lake Trek Description A
Tilicho Lake Trek Description B

Clear view of Grande Barriere and Tilicho Peak in the morning

Tare Kang and Khangsar Kang

Frozen stream in the morning

Great view towards Manang

Path spilts here between high route and low route

Close up view of Khangsar Kang

Beautiful bright red flowers

Landslide area that will need to be traversed before reaching Tilicho Base Camp

Start of landslide area and scree slopes

It can be quite dangerous in a very windy day if these huge rocks come tumbling down...

Or you go tumbling down into one of them...

Peek at Khangsar Kang through a cave

Porters skillfully navigating scree slopes

Concentration is definitely a must for untrained!

Taking pictures with some porters (not mine thou lol...)

Thanks for risking your life to cross the landslide? haha...

View of Grande Barriere nearer to Tilicho Base Camp

Finally arriving at Tilicho Base Camp after some exciting landslide navigation

A huge glacier dome between Tare Kang and Khangsar Kang

Great view of Khangsar Kang and Grande Barriere as well as glacier below it

Annapurna I (8091m) can be seen rising just slightly above Grande Barriere on the right

Rise and shine!

Great Himalayas mountain panorama in the distance towards Manang! On the left, Chulu West (6419m), Chulu Central (6584m) and Chulu East (6429m) look magnificient, while sharp Pisang (6091m) peak protudes out in the centre and awesome eight-thousander Manaslu (8150m) stands all the way on the right
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Finally reaching snow line and taking in full glory of awesome Grande Barriere

It's snow everywhere! =)

Even better view of glacier dome

Looking back towards Manang again for magnificient panorama

A small pond below Grande Barriere, definitely not Tilicho Lake!

Following cairns and trails to Tilicho Lake

And finally reaching Tilicho Lake!!!

It is situated at a altitude of 4919m, and was once alleged to be highest lake in the world
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Panorama view of Tilicho Lake
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Definitely worth all effort getting here

Trying out some leviation haha =p

Trekking back down to Tilicho Base Camp

Relaxing and enjoying the panorama again on way back down
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You can get sunburnt easily walking in a clear day as you are very exposed with no shelter at all from strong sunlight

Trail that leads all the way back down to Tilicho Base Camp on exposed scree slope

~~~~~ Day 9 ~~~~~

Trekking Day 07

Tilicho Base Camp - Yak Kharka

Trekking Information
Trekking Time Today: 5 1/4 Hours
~ Tilicho BC (4298m) - Tilicho Peak Hotel (4000m): 105 Minutes
~ Tilicho Peak Hotel (4000m) - Yak Kharka (4018m): 210 Minutes

Tibetan Tsampa Porridge, one of my favourite breakfast

Try the Monkey-Donkey? Haha...
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Great friends I met on the way! =)
From left: Me, Katrina (Malaysia), Shiri (Israel), Ahilesh (Malaysia) and Yuvial (Israel)

Last view of Grande Barriere and Khangsar Kang before leaving

And of Tare Kang

Traversing landslide area again...

Some scary looking path!

Looking back towards Grande Barriere and landslide areas

Of river and mountain

Beautiful red flowers

Great view towards Manang

Back to Tilicho Peak Hotel again

Great mountain view while having lunch

Someone actually cycled here!

Huge cabbage, bigger than his head! Haha...

Me and Richie (England)

Taking seasonal trail to Yak Kharka, from where you can continue the Annapurna Circuit

Looking back at deep valley towards Tilicho Lake

Looking towards Manang

Arriving at medieval buildings at old Khangsar

Gangapurna rising high above Old Khangsar

They have long been abandoned by locals who have shifted to Khangsar

A huge pasture near Old Khangsar where livestocks still roam

Few majestic hawks flying above me =)

Stunning view of Manang valley

And also of valley leading towards Thorung La

At viewpoint where 3 valleys meet

Trekking among naked trees

Among other shrubs and bushes

Spotted some Sea-Buckthorn plants too

Good view of Chulu Peaks enroute to Yak Kharka

You will be linked up with the Annapurna Circuit again after crossing this bridge

Good view of Annapurna range

And guess wat! I manage to catch a glimpse of the rare blue sheeps!

Awesome looking!

~~~~~ Day 10 ~~~~~

Trekking Day 08

Yak Kharka - Thorung Phedi

Trekking Information
Trekking Time Today: 2 Hours
~ Yak Kharka (4018m) - Letdar (4200m): 35 Minutes
~ Letdar (4200m) - Thorung Phedi (4450m): 90 Minutes

A big fat yak in town! =)

View of Annapurna III from Yak Khaka

Looking back at Annapurna Range again

Crossing another long suspension bridge to Letdar

Gorgeous white horse

Safe Drinking Water Station @ Letdar

Looking back at Letdar with Annapurna range loaming behind

Look at the huge horns of this huge bull yak!

That's Me! =)

A rest area with a good view of Putrun Himal (6465m) before crossing a landslide area to Thorung Phedi

Landslide area leading to Thorung Phedi

Looking back at landslide area and Gangapurna from Thorung Phedi

Arriving at Thorung Phedi Base Camp

There are lots of lodges for trekkers to stay to prepare themselves for final assault tomorrow morning, Thorung La!!!

Dorms with simple mattresses

Lazing around in dinning area and chatting with new friends

They serve great food, including this creamy lasagne that I ordered!

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